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Chronology of Center for Irish Partnerships Activities 

September 2008 

• September 24 th - Visit to UMass Lowell by Gerry McCormac, pro vice-chancellor of Queen’s 
University Belfast. The purpose of the visit was to explore possible programmatic, scholarship 
and research collaboration between faculty and students at the respective institutions. 

October 19-20.2009 

• Researchers from the US and Ireland came together at the UMass Lowell Inn & Conference 
Center to present on cutting-edge research that may help shape the future of how we use 
nanotechnology and biological sciences in manufacturing and medical diagnostics. Speakers at 
the US/Ireland Emerging Technologies Conference included scientists from the University of 
Massachusetts, Dublin City University (Dublin, Ireland), Queen's University (Belfast, Northern 
Ireland), Northeastern University and other industry presenters. 

November 5-12. 2008 

• UML Delegation visits Belfast - Frank Talty, Ann Marie Hurley, Steve McCarthy, Alex Case, 
Susan Braunhut and Bridgette Budhlall to further investigate partnership activities between 
Queen’s and UMass Lowell. Several academic programs and strategic priorities at Queens 
appeared to correspond and complement programs at UMass Lowell and included but were not 
limited to: 

o Interdisciplinary sciences and engineering with emphasis on nano-manufacturing, bio¬ 
manufacturing and bio-technology and nanomedicine. 

o Technology transfer and commercialization efforts such as the UMass Incubator and 
M2D2 centers. 

o Sonic Arts in Music. 

o Irish Studies. 

o Physical Well-Being, Sports Performance and Health, and Work Environment. 

• In addition to Queens University, with great assistance from Dr. Johanna Bruneau, Professor 
Ann Marie Hurley’s daughter, a recent PhD from Trinity College Dublin and currently a post¬ 
doctoral fellow at Dublin City University, those two institutions were also contacted and 
arrangements were made for the UMass Lowell delegation to visit staff and faculty at each 
institution in Dublin. 

The objective of the team was to act as emissaries for the University of Massachusetts 
administration and faculty to the Ireland institutions of higher learning. The mission, 
resources, expertise and strategic plans for the administration and faculty of U Mass was 
compared to that of the visited institution and complementarities discussed openly with the 
leadership at each visited campus. With each institution, clear common interests were 
identified. Furthermore, individual faculty with areas of common interest on each campus 
were sought, identified and matched. In particular, the U Mass Lowell team focused on areas 
representing opportunities for: 

1. Faculty and student exchange. 

2. Research, scholarship and resource collaboration and sharing. 

3. Programmatic integration and fund raising potential. 

• After each of the Universities was visited, the UMass Lowell team identified areas and 
individuals of research and scholarship that could facilitate the above objectives. 

February 17,2009 

• Queen’s University Belfast delegation visits UMass Lowell - Peter Hornsby, Tony McNally 
Peter Martin, Fraser Buchanan and Eileen Harkin-Jones. 

March 22-29.2009 

• Chancellor Meehan and delegation from UMass Lowell travel to Ireland and Northern Ireland 
for meetings at Queen’s University Belfast, Dublin City University and Trinity College Dublin. 

• Queen’s University Vice-Chancellor Peter Gregson and UMass Lowell Chancellor Marty 
Meehan sign a Memorandum of Understanding for partnership activities. 

September 28-29.2009 

• Gerry McCormac and Dr. Colm Donnelly visit UMass Lowell to discuss the possibility of a 
combined archaeological partnership activity. They meet with: David McKean, David 
Blackburn and Martha Mayo. 

September 2009 

• Center for Irish Partnership created. 

October 9,2009 

• Frank Talty spoke to Irish Echo Gateways to Tomorrow Conference at World Trade Center, 

March 2010 

• March 15,2010 - met with Conor McGauran at the UMass Club. 

• Galway visit by Frank Talty and Bill Mass, met with Paul Ryan-CISC Director, James Ward- 
Deputy President, and Peter McHugh - Bio Medical Engineering, Tom Glyne- Laser Research. 

• March 23 rd 2010 - UMass Lowell Professor Jonathan Silverman invited to talk at Dublin City 

• March 26 th 2010 - Eddie Goodwin of Enterprise Ireland visits M2D2. 

April 10-14.2010 

• UMass Lowell delegation visits Queen’s University. 

• Frank Talty, Ann Marie Hurley and Steve Tello meet with Gerry McCormac and Trevor 

• First visit to the Odyssey Arena - met with Todd Kellman and Robert Fitzpatrick. 

• Meeting with Law and Government faculty at Queen’s University. 

• Steve Tello met with Business School faculty. 

May 26. 2010 

• Jeremiah Lynch from Innisfree College visits UMass Lowell to discuss study abroad options. 

June 17-19.2010 

• Innovative cities conference takes place at the UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center. From 
Belfast, attendees are: John McGrillen, Belfast City Council; Alvin McKinley, Chief 
Executives Forum Northern Ireland; Maurice Blease, lecturer in education from Stranmillis 
University College, and Robert Hunniford, Commissioner for the Northern Ireland Law 

July 11-15.2010 

• UMass Lowell delegation visits Dublin City University to attend Inauguration of President 
Brian MacCraith and to sign Memorandum of understanding - delegates included: Chancellor 
Meehan, Frank Talty, Steve McCarthy, Ann Marie Hurley, and Victoria Denoon. 

• Meetings with Deans at DCU 

• Visit to St. Patrick’s College to meet with Regina Murphy and Deidre Butter 

August 15-20. 2010 

• Irish-American Heritage Archaeological Program Phase I - Dr. Colm Donnelly, Dr. Hanry 
Welsh and Ronan McHugh from the Centre for Archaelogical Fieldwork at Queen’s University 
take part in a 5 day excavation involving 6 UMass Lowell students at Saint Patrick’s church in 
Lowell to uncover evidence of the 19 th century Irish Shanty towns. 

• August 20,2010 - Reception at UMass Lowell Inn and Conference Center for Queen’s 
University Alumni to hear about Archaeological dig. 

September 2010 

• September 22,201 - Bridget Carey, International Officer from Queen’s University, visits 
UMass Lowell to host informational table for students interested in studying at Queen’s. 

• September 30 - Oct.l, 2010 - Dana Skinner, Frank Talty and Victoria Denoon visit Belfast 
Northern Ireland to meet with Odyssey Trust re: Hockey game in Ireland in 2011. 

• Meetings with Centre for Archaeological Fieldwork director, Dr. Colm Donnelly regarding 
year 2 of archaeological dig. 

• Attend hockey game at Odyssey Arena - Boston Bruins v. Belfast Giants Elite. 

October 21.2010 

• Northern Ireland Massachusetts Connection event organized by Senate President Murray at the 
State House - attended by Frank Talty, Steve McCarthy and Victoria Denoon. Discussions with 
Trevor Newsom on joint grant funding for Emerging Technologies Conference in 2011. 

November 2010 

• November 3, 2010 - Irish Echo Golden Bridges Awards in Boston - Center for Irish 
Partnerships at UMass Lowell receives an award. 

• November 5,2010 - Visit to UMass Lowell by delegation from Donegal, Ireland, including 
Mayor Cora Harvey and members of the County Council. Chancellor Meehan hosts a lunch 
reception for them at the Allen House. 

• November 5,2010 - First meeting of Center for Irish Partnerships Advisory Board. 

• November 19, 2010 - Visit to UMass Lowell by Irish Ambassador to the United States His 
Excellency Michael Collins and Irish Consul General to Boston, Michael Lonergan. Lunch 
with Chancellor Meehan, Provost Abdelal, Deans and CIP directors. 

January 7.2011 

• Frank Talty presents findings of archaeological dig that took place in August to Lowell 
Heritage Partnership 

March 6-11.2011 

• Dr. Com Connelly visits UMass Lowell to undertake historical research on archaeological digs 
in the area and make preparations for year 2 of the dig. 

March 10.2010 

• Dig Forum at O’Leary Library - Presentations made by Dr. Colm Donnelly, Frank Talty and 
Dave McKean as part of Lowell’s Irish Cultural week. 

April 9.2011 

• Visit to UMass Lowell by Michael Delaney, vice-president of development at the Cork Institute 
of Technology relative to joint grant funding and potential partnership activities. 

April 14-19.2011 

• Visit to UMass Lowell by Dr. Eileen Murphy and Dr. Lyn McKerr of Queen’s University 
documenting gravestones in Saint Patrick’s Cemetery relative to early Irish settlers in Lowell. 

• Dr. Alex Ruthman of UMass Lowell’s music department visits Saint Patrick’s College, Dublin 
to meet with Regina Murphy.